Monday, July 9, 2007

Everything a Bride should know . . .


1. Your wedding day is going to be the most incredible, memory-filled, happy day of your life. Note the “your’ in your life. It really is a great day that you have been dreaming about since you were five. But that’s just it. It’s your day - so don’t force your day on other people for a year and a half before the day. No one is going to think about your wedding 24/7, except you and maybe your mom. Your friends are happy to stand by you and celebrate your happiness; but they have a life outside your wedding. Remember that. (This also pertains to people who have babies talking to those who do not have babies)

2. Think beyond the wedding. Don’t worry so much about which dress has straps and which doesn’t. Don’t worry about matching toe nail polish on your bridesmaids. Don’t worry about ribbon being too gold or not gold enough. These things are not going to affect your marriage in 60 years. No one at the wedding will notice these silly details. And most importantly: people are dying in the world from war and famine. Put things in perspective and pretty suddenly minute details will be just that: minute.

3. Don’t’ waste time, money or energy on wedding favors. Seriously. That is silly. Most people forget them at the wedding and the rest just toss them away after a couple of months. The best possible thing you can do is giving that money to your favorite charity. Not only does that make you look really good but someone in need is going to benefit so much more than a guest will with a CD or a magnet.

4. When picking a dress for your bridesmaids, be nice. It isn’t even the prospect of wearing a burgundy dress that looks like a prom dress circa 1997 that scares us; it’s paying $300 that kills us. If you are going to insist on a dress that is expensive, you really should be picking up the tab or at least paying for some of it. Back when our mothers got married, the bride paid for the bridesmaid dress. That is a tradition we have sadly lost. Reason #1 comes into play here. It isn’t fair to tax your closest friends financially for your day. They want to spend their hard earned cash on something more fun – like a pair of Prada sunglasses! And if you don’t want to fit the dress into your budget then pick a dress for $100 or less and let the girls pick their own shoes. Also, don’t expect a gift so quickly from your girls. If they have just spend hundreds of dollars to support you on the day then that should be gift enough. Really.

5. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Things are going to go wrong, things are not going to go as smoothly as you would like but in the end nothing will matter except the marriage to the person you love. See #2

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