Monday, July 9, 2007

The Lucky Day

So this weekend was the famous 7/7/7 wedding day that apparently was the big day for more people than any other day in history thus far. That's right, a set of 7's is going to keep the divorce away - we hope. Actually, the traffic was clear at one of the busiest intersections in the city so I was grateful that everyone was at a wedding so we could get to our movie in time.

My girlfriend was a bridesmaid this weekend. She is like me in that she has served as bridesmaid more times than anyone really should. Unlike me however, her brides are vastly inconsiderate, as are the other bridesmaids. For the most part I have lucked out with brides that don't insist on the super expensive dress or feel that they should pay for all of it or at least some. My girlfriend though has been known to pay over $400 for her dress and shoes!!!! In this last wedding she also paid for food and drink for the shower and stagette, her dress and shoes and the gift for the bride and groom. She could ask for money from the other bridesmaids to help with the said food and drink but she is too shy, and I think it is appalling that money wasn't even offered! She is a teacher for crying out loud; it isn't as if she is rolling around in crispy $100 bills.

Thinking of her brings me to one of my PET PEEVES about weddings and why they drive me around the bend. I think weddings are one of the most stupid expenses we will face in life. For everyone involved. Let’s do some math shall we?

My girlfriend spent nearly $700 on food, drinks and decorations to throw her cousin nice pre-wedding parties. Not to mention the time and energy spent to put on the said parties. Then she spent another $400 on her dress and shoes that the bride insisted they all wear. Of course, she had to have her nails and hair done, let’s say another $100 at the least. PLUS she has to get a gift for her cousin which is often $100 or more (right here, this is what I HATE! Why should the wedding party have to buy gifts for the bride and groom – isn’t the fact that they spent a month’s rent on their wedding enough?? A little known fact is that you don’t have to buy the gift for a whole year after the wedding. I use this rule A LOT. In fact I think I am due pretty soon . . .. ). So her grand total is: $1300!!! $1300!!!!! That is half of her monthly take home salary! And for what? A meal that maybe was $60 a head and $40 worth of free wine? Oh and the joy of standing next to one of her best friends.

Another girl I know had to spend $1200, which included matching fake nails. MATCHING FAKE NAILS!!!! That is pure insanity! And I am sure you are wondering why don’t we just say ‘no’? Well first off, it’s hard. Brides have a funny way of guilting you into credit card hell. And I have said ‘no’ before and gotten my way. Not without some severe bitching and complaining but at least I didn’t have to use my overdraft on my bank account.

But it isn’t just the expense of being a bridesmaid that bugs me. It is the whole wedding thing. A cheap wedding is now $20 000. $20 000!!!! Many people I know have spent at least $50 000! And then there are the people who spend over $100 000 but they are just stupid. A day should never cost that much. A day should never send you into the hole in which you spend the first five years of your married life paying off. I have nothing wrong with the $100 000, $50 000, $20 000 wedding as long as the money you earn exceeds that amount. I know people who spent over $50 000 and don’t even make that in a year. GAH! Neither do their parents! GAH! Weddings have become this commercial enterprise in which all businesses involved can gouge you because they know they can. It is sick sick sick sick.

So if 7/7/7 was the most popular day this century to get married – how much profit do you think was made by dress stores, florists, halls, golf courses, caterers, hair salons, tux rental places, card companies, liquor people and the Bay alone? I don’t even want to think of the number because I might puke.

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