Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Simply French, Simply Fabulous

If you know me, and this blog, you know that I like croissants.  A LOT.  I also love cute cafes in which to write.  And I love anything French because I secretly wish I was an elegant French girl.

I was driving up 10th Ave the other day, and nearly got into an accident as an adorable cafe caught my eye.  Simply French is a newly opened cafe near the intersection of 10th and Alma.  Opened by the former owners of Truffles, the Drummonds know how to serve a good dessert.  And good pastry.  And good coffee.

Firstly, the cafe is really large, with high ceilings, chandeliers, and plug-ins for your laptop.  Secondly, it serves strong coffee.  Thirdly, the croissant was AMAZING.  Perfect and incredible.  In fact, the croissant is now number two on my list (one below a boulangerie in Paris and one above Mazzola's in Brooklyn).  Isobel Drummond bakes everything herself and let me tell you that she knows how to create a buttery perfection that is croissant.

I loved it in here so much.  The owners are so friendly and happy.  I sat in the window and wrote for hours undisturbed, letting the sky grow dark and the snow gently fall outside.  So cozy and elegant, I think next time I go I will try a Paris panini.  And wear a beret.

Je t'aime all things French.

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