Thursday, December 17, 2009

Craving More Crave

In order to emulate the ladies of 'Sex and the City', my sorority sisters started to meet for brunch about six years ago.  Back then, most of us were still single, or not engaged/married and our biggest stresses were end of term exams or bad boyfriends.

We met every week.

Fast forward six years and you get several weddings, one divorce, banished bad boyfriends giving way to awesome fiances/good boys, two kids, one more on the way, condos bought and sold, houses remodeled, and the globe travelled several times over.  Now our woes include professional problems or huge successes, husbands not sharing in housework, or kids not walking as fast as we want them to.  Needless to say, if we have brunch once a month we are in good standing.

Twice is practically a miracle.

We also move from venue to venue, trying to find the perfect eggs benedict or organic coffee.  I make a bold statement when I say that I think we may have found a winner - that we can at least stick to for a few months.


With two locations, this urban retreat of cool and cozy has quickly become a new favorite of mine.  I always always always order eggs benedict.  Therefore, I am picky about having perfectly poached eggs that dribble just the right amount of yolk on the fresh English muffin upon which they sit.  I always ask for 'soft poach'.  At Crave, I asked for this and the waitress kindly informed me that the eggs were always softly poached.

I didn't quite trust her, but she was, in fact, right.  Plus they use organic, Omega eggs so the yolk was that lovely dark yellow/golden colour.  The muffins were fresh and warm.  I had the California so the combination of ham and avocado was heaven.  Not to mention the coffee was great and the mimosas even better!  Made with fresh OJ.

Plus you feel really cool eating in here.  It's very New York.  All dark and black inside.  Teeny tiny.  Warm and cosy.  It's my new favorite spot ladies!

Oh and the trauma this week?  My poor pregger friend vomited in the bathroom so the whole restaurant could hear.  Poor thing.  Six years ago it would have been because of a hang-over.  Hell, six months ago it would have been a hang-over.  Amazing that the moment you mouth to disgusted diners 'she's pregnant' their foul mouths turn to smile and applause.

Note to self:  if ever hung-over and throw up in public, just tell 'em I'm pregnant.  It's a great excuse for all kinds of things!

The best part was the fact our whole table was dressed up.  So much so, that another table of girls came over to tell us how nice we looked.  They wondered if it was a special occasion.

Vancouver is funny that way.  If you are not wearing Lululemon than something is amiss.

Anyways, they really liked my purple rosette dress and asked that I come over and model it.  When I did, I had to open my ruffle coat to show them.  I won't lie, this was a moment of pride for me.  They actually applauded my outfit.  APPLAUSE!  I am not a stylish diva - I can't make outfits at all. Not like those cool Upper East side girls.  But I do know how to pick out a dress.  Okay, moment of narcissism over.

I highly encourage you to grab your best gal pals, zip up your favorite dress, and head out for some morning champagne!


The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Oh gosh...that looks so yummy. I LOVE brunch. Especially eggs benny. I'm going to have to put Crave on my Vancouver list.

Anonymous said...

Medina's WAY WAY WAY better! The BEST in fact. Just sayin...

Anonymous said...

had the crab benedict today for lunch. Can get brunch everyday. I love that. TO DIE FOR!!!!