Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Irish Heather and Eating Pigs

The Irish Heather, located in Gastown, is a busy hive of cosy dark interior, steamy food, and pints of Guinness.  What started as a pub overlooking a cobblestoned mews, it has now moved across the street and is linked in one building with the Salty Tongue, a delicious deli, and Shebeen a whiskey house.

Early this year, the Irish Heather started the Long Table Series which is described as "a series of meals matched to a beer/cider for low prices".  Twice a week, eaters show up to Shebeen for a drink and then are ushered into Salty Tongue where a 40ft table sits for all the guests.  The chef comes out to talk about the meal and then dinner is served, complete with a drink.  For, are you ready for this, $15!!!  Only $15!

I've gone to two now.  Once during the summer for veal that was delicious.  And then again last week for the very-much-in-demand roast suckling pig.

I definitely liked it better during the winter months, as when I came in the summer I nearly melted it was so hot.  Forty people at a table is a tad noisy and squished.  And as it's Vancouver, you don't really talk to the people next to you even though you are rubbing elbows.  Oh this city of pretention.

That aside, the food is yummy and at a great price!  Our roast pig was amazing and the serving portion was massive.  It came with braised cabbage and mashed potatoes plus a pint of cider.  We opted to have a sticky toffee pudding for dessert.  All in all, a fun event, a new way to experience food, and a great Irish meal.

Except for the braised cabbage which reared its ugly head a few hours later.  Ick.

Check out the blog to see upcoming menus and get out for a night of eating fun!

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