Thursday, December 17, 2009

Girl's Night Out

On my return to Rainy City, I once again bounced back into being the social director of all things fun.  I find it easier here, much less overwhelming than New York where more frequently than not, I fear leaving my house.

I found out about an event called "Girl's Night Out" which is held every month at a Granville Club.  Like one of those Christmas fairs, it's basically an event to showcase local wares and girly things to do.  For December, they offered a free SUV limo which I thought would be a fun thing for my friends to do.

So I booked the limo and got some friends on board.

Then some of my friends bailed the day of.

Leaving me, one friend, and a limo ride.

Feeling silly at taking a limo for only two, I called to cancel.  This is when I found out that the limos were supposed to be a 10-girl minimum.  Ummmmm.  No worries, he told me, just enjoy the ride for the two of you.

I tried my best to recruit new ladies but failed.  Luckily my friend was bringing one of her friends.  Perfect.  Three girls in a limo.  No problem.

Until the limo arrived.

I wouldn't call it a limo per se.  More like a bus with black windows.  Leaving my building, the three of us burst out laughing and felt quite embarrassed as we climbed into the monster.  Our driver wanted to know what we didn't have any friends.  This made us laugh harder.

Once inside the limo, I realized our terrible mistake.  This 'BUS' was built for 30 people.  It included two poles.  Oh god.  Our driver then turned on the sleaze by asking us to dance later for him. Ugh.  He also asked where our alcohol was.  Once again, I didn't quite get the message.

So here the three of us were, in a limo the size of a small Eastern European country with two poles.  By the by, I have taken pole dancing and I could barely swing on these puppies.  The vehicle was moving after all.  I suspect that the dancers that come on board during stags are much more talented than I.

The best part?  Our ride was literally five minutes.  Maybe seven.  We arrived in style, at the club, and everyone on the street was staring.  As THREE girls toddled off with a wary glance at leering driver man.

Upon entry to the event, we quickly realized that most in attendance had in fact brought alcohol aboard the beast and had driven much further than seven minutes.  We suspected many were from Surrey. Sorry, that was mean.

But true.

Anyways, the event was fun.  We got free shots of blueberry vodka, our hair did (by crazy drunk hair stylists from Gloss - and even in their state they still did an amazing job!), nails done, I won a pretty hat with a peacock feather worth $65, and talked to some pretty fun people.  We learned that there is a new dance studio near my house, called iDance, which has burlesque AND Bollywood lessons for super cheap. That we can learn how to better swing on poles at Tantra Fitness.  And that feather flowers are always a better accessory.

My first girls night out was a success, even with the lack of girls in attendance.  And next time they offer a limo ride, I will just press 'delete'.

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