Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Home in Two Cities

To many I think my life appears pretty swell.  I live in two amazing cities and can call both coasts home.

Yes, it's awesome.  

But it has it's drawbacks.  For example, I am never 100% in one place. I try my best to live in the moment, but often in Vancouver I wistfully wish I was back in the Big Apple.  While in New York, albeit not as often, I feel guilty at not being in a place where I can actively pursue my career.  IE. work for money.  Granted, New York gives me time to actually write without all the distractions of home (i.e. friends and good cable) and I can take classes in my field that are some of the best in the world.

I think today is a homesick day.  I am actually sick for my home.  I think because my home does not include sloping floors, a random hole, and the odd cockroach (I discovered they could fly, this was not a pleasant discovery).  My home also has a dishwasher, washing machine/dryer, and a view of the mountains.

But here I can lose myself in the Met for hours, go see an opera for $20, and then have my book signed by a favorite author at the local Barnes & Noble.

See?  Torn apart in two.

Living bi-coastally is an art that I am starting to finally understand.  You have to turn on different sides of yourself in different cities.  Here I am 'writer girl' who actually writes my 2000 words a day.  Vancouver, I can pursue acting and actually legally be allowed to work.  Different hats for different cities.  

I am not done with this city yet, but I feel our time is coming to an end.  The Engineer is off to London next semester (yes, stick around for tales from Big Ben) and then  . . . .  New York?  Toronto?  Calgary?  Laugh, but I am actually hoping for the latter.  So it makes me sentimental.  And realize that there is still so much more to see!  GAH!  Oh god, back to power mode. 

At least Vancouver offers less stress.  You know, because there isn't so much to do.  Which, I've come to appreciate, is a good thing.

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