Saturday, April 26, 2008

Plastic Surgery: to have or to not?

I want to get my lips done.  It has always sort of been at the back of my mind.  I have nice little lips - the operative word here?  Little.  I have a perfect cupid's bow but then the lips dwindle into nothing.  I have never wanted those horrible duck lip things but just a bit on the edges, you know?

Then I met this girl who has her lips done.  I would never have known if she hadn't told me.  She has such pretty full lips and they don't look like she just made-out for eighty years.  They are full and perfect.  So I got the name of her doctor and made an appointment.

The Engineer is against anything fake like this.  So I told him if he wants all natural I can go back to mousy brown, unshaven, unwaxed, no-make-up me.  I am very plain if I did all this.  He thought that was silly and that he was used to this level of 'fakeness'. I don't really get it.

I at least thought my friend, K, would be behind me.  She supports all things plastic and is not adverse to botox or lifts as she ages.  But she was dead set against these lips!!!!  WHY?  Apparently because all my features are very dainty she worries I will get duck lips.  I was assured that this doctor is amazing and will only inject a teeny bit of whatever it is he injects.  My cupid's bow will still be there but I will just have a bit bigger of a pout.

I chickened out.  I cancelled the consultation appointment.  I care what my friends/Engineer/parents think (to which they would FREAK).  However, now that they think I have cancelled I sort of want to do an experiment - get it done and see if they notice!  Plus, the thing lasts only six months so isn't it better to know than to always wonder?

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Anonymous said...

Even though I do not know the Engineer at all, I think that he would have the following opinions on this matter:

1) I am sure he never said that he wants all natural; he probably just believes in moderation. If all cosmetic adjustments could be put on a scale of relative intensity, with combing your hair on the low end of the scale, Michael Jackson on high end, and all other things (like make up, pit shaving, dying your hair, boob jobs, etc) somewhere in between, he would argue that every individual has his/her own point on the scale at which “acceptable” becomes “non-acceptable.” Lip injections happen to fall in his “non-acceptable” zone. Thus, he would actually be more accepting of you becoming some kind of hairy, no-makeup, hippie-jungle woman than seeing this lip procedure done.
2) “I was assured that this doctor is amazing and will only inject a teeny bit of whatever it is he injects.” Why would you want to have your body injected with an UNKNOWN substance? And if it’s temporary, what the heck happens to it??
3) The Experiment – I’m sure the Engineer is squirming with rage at the rationale behind this idea. If NO ONE is going to notice a superficial, cosmetic enhancement, WHAT’S THE POINT?!?!?!?!
4) The Engineer would probably like to thank K for her input.