Friday, April 4, 2008

Work Number Mistake

The Engineer made a mistake when he gave me his work number.  In fact I feel that one should never reveal one's work phone number to anyone that one does not work with . . . one.  Do I need any more 'one's?

I love the 'check-in'. I really like to know how things are running in his day and I like to fill him in on my little adventures.  But sometimes I go a tad too far.  Apparently these are reasons not to call your boyfriend at work:

1.  To tell him that you want to adopt a Kenyan baby and does he?
2. To tell him that your house smells like Christmas.
3.  To ask him if he loves Easter.
4.  To ask him what he is doing.  Duh.  He is at work therefore obviously working.
5.  To say things like 'hi poohead' or 'mershkey mershkey moo' - because you never know when he has you on speakerphone whilst his boss is in his office.
6.  To tell him your dog is dying (although this obviously was upsetting, but what can he do from his office?)
7.  To ask him what he is thinking.
8.  To tell him that you sliced your finger on the saran-wrap cutter thing and does he think you need stitches?
9.  To tell him that you love morning time.
10.  To tell him you love the sunset and does he want to go to Paris and watch the sunset too?

If you are saying to yourself, "this stupid girl is making these calls up," you would be the stupid one.  And he still loves me despite all these interruptions.  

Plus he brings me mini-eggs after a long day on set.  Am I lucky or what?

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