Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Reality of Reality

I am a reality show addict.  Not American Idol or Survivor crap but the lifestyle reality shows.  Real people in real situations. Stupid people.  They are so desperate for 15 minutes of fame that they risk going on national television to show how stupid they are.  I can't get enough.

Except I get really upset.  Like really really upset.  The Engineer won't even let me talk about it anymore.  In fact he has forbidden me from Slice network and I fear he will cut out the W network too.

One of the shows I like is called Rich Bride Poor Bride.  You can understand my draw to this show as I am a constant bridesmaid therefore I have lessons to learn from this show.  So far all that I have learned is that brides really are psychotic and horrible.  There was this one episode that had me so enraged I was shaking.  The girl was such a pompous idiot who was spending her fiance's money like water all in the name of being a 'princess'.  But she wasn't a princess!  Far from it!  She was a chubby, ugly cow who looked like she belonged in a trailer park!  GAH!  And the way she spoke to her mother?  Don't even get me started.  Oh wait, I already did.  I have no idea what her fiance saw in her.  She even insisted on an ATM machine at her wedding so that guests could get more cash as presents!  She spent over $1000 on a tiara!  But I saw her house and her mother's house:  these people don't look like the kind of people who have $1000 to spend on a freaking crown.

The Engineer came home to find me yelling at the TV.  In fact, I wanted to call Slice and tell them how stupid she was.  The Engineer pointed out that doing that would make me look stupid.

I can't help getting so involved.  I don't know what it is.  I just get sucked in to these retardo retards.  I watched one last night called 'Wife Swap'.  The one wife was this tacky stage mother who did her daughter's homework because she didn't want her daughter to be stressed out.  Both parents felt their 16 year-old beauty queen daughter didn't need brains with the looks she had.  She couldn't spell America!  AMERICA!  The dad was such a piggy tacky man and I felt so much anger towards him.  I became obsessed with finding him on the internet so I could write him a letter.  I did not find his address but I did find out that I was not alone in this freaky obsession.  Many people hated this family as well.

It is an obsession.  A sick, twisted obsession.  Why do I get so involved?  So charged?  So crazed?  It's just TV, I can shut it off right?  But no, I love watching stupid humans being stupid.

This is why I do not work in customer service:  generally I think people are stupid.  

I am pretty sure they are.

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