Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Shower

There is one thing about weddings in the new milleneum that I don't get - and that is the shower. Really, what is the point?? From what I gather, women (and only women - stupid men and their great deals) get together months before a wedding to give gifts to the bride sans the groom. Sometimes there are a few showers - which gets a bit much. There is only so much tea drinking and playing cheesy games that I can take. I guess what I don't get is why we have to give the bride and groom so much stuff in this day and age.

Most couples who get married, that I know, have already lived together for several years. They often own their home and have built it together. Sure, there are some remnants of university days - his coke bottle collection, her pink writing desk - but for the most part they have the toaster, the waffle maker, the tea pot. In the old days, the showers were to give the 19/20/21-year old couple the starters for their home. But we have them now!! Our baby-boomer mum's made sure of this. It isn't that I begrudge the gifts (okay, maybe I do a little) but seriously, when is enough, enough?

Plus, they are often the most boring afternoon ever spent on the planet. And I hate the games! Who wants a toilet paper dress? Who wants a hat made of gift wrap and bows? A friend of mine just recently had her shower - it was great and to the point. She is on my side about the games and hat - refusing both, so we just opened presents and drank wine. Lots of wine. Go team! I also hate opening presents in front of people - how can you fake uber enthusiasm for tea towells? Sure you need them but can you really oooh and aaaah over a set of flame-retardant material.

Remember that episode of 'Sex and the City'? The one where Carrie's shoes are stolen at her friend's baby shower? I can't help but think of that when I go to a shower. Here we are, a society that has opened up the doors for women - telling them they can be astronauts, moviestars, or engineers - and yet we still prize the bride. After all, she has been the most successful: she has bagged herself a man! Let's shower her with gifts and praise! ooooo, look at her! She can cook for her husband with her new crock pot from Auntie May! Lucky her! Give me a break.

I have two girlfriends who are fabulous and single. They are both extremely intelligent and hard working. They are leaders in their field AND they own their homes. By THEMSELVES! Under 30 and they bought condos in a city where real estate is going through the roof. But do they get a shower? No. Do they get a waffle iron as a prize for doing something good? No. And they both could probably use one - they are wicked cooks. I guess this is what cheeses me off. I am spending money on people who already have two incomes and a house full of goodies and yet my single friends get squat. When are we going to celebrate accomplishments worthy of the 21st-century? Anyone can get married - but can anyone write a novel? No!

I say we either stop the shower all together or start throwing "I'm single and I bought a house" showers. Take THAT 1950's tradition!!

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