Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cheaters Anonymous

I recently joined Weight Watchers in an attempt to have skinny arms for my wedding.  That, and my doctor told me I had to lose weight!  HA!  I am not fat, but I have started to find that my size 8 is a bit tighter than it used to be.

Therefore, on the advice of Jennifer Hudson and the Duchess of York, I turned to the fool proof plan of Weight Watchers.  It really is idiot-proof.  All you do is plug in what you eat, it gives you food points and if you go above your daily allocation of 24 points then you will be fat.

I highly enjoy the activity points because you can swap them for fun food points.  Ate a boston cream donut?  No problem!  Swap an hour's worth of training for donut points!  Hurrah!  It's like shopping and swapping money for fun things.

I did great in my first week.  I piled on those activity points like no one's business.  I also stayed within the allocated 24 points. Mostly. 

Now, five weeks into the program, I seem to fall off the wagon a teeny bit more often.

One thing I happily discovered is that I can eat 60 Goldfish crackers at 3 points.  PERFECT.  I love those cheesy things.  I carry them in zippie bags for my purse and my glove compartment when hunger strikes.

Quite proud of myself actually.

Until the other day when I was with my friend and her two-year old.  The two-year old also gets a zippie of goldfish crackers.  We took her to the park where I noticed a four year old with a zippie of goldfish crackers too.  Apparently I am a toddler.

There is another thing wrong with eating goldfish crackers.

I can eat a whole bunch of these suckers for 3 points BUT salmon sashimi is 8 points?  What the what?  8 points is a third of my daily intake?!?!?!  And isn't salmon sashimi good for you? It's ACTUAL fish.  Not cheddar rendered crispy things.

I feel I should be encouraged to eat healthy and nutritious food - not empty calories.

I have also started lying to Weight Watchers.  AKA myself.

For example, the Engineer was craving a cake the other day. So I baked one.  When I discovered that a piece of chocolate cake was a whopping 16 points (confusion here:  Boston Cream Donut = 6 points, Cinnamon Bun = 7 points, Butter Croissant:  6 points - HOW is a piece of cake worth 16?  And how is salmon worth 8?) I may or may not have (a) chosen the point value of a weight watchers brand frozen dessert at 3 points and (b) not told weight watchers that I had two pieces.

Then we had salmon for dinner.  A serving of salmon is 10 points.  WHAT THE WHAT?  So I told Weight Watchers I ate halibut.

Basically, on Weight Watchers I could technically eat a Boston Cream Donut for breakfast, lunch and dinner for an entire year but still come in at 24 points a day.

The point of this story?

Diets make liars and cheaters of us all.  I am going back to my life of eating healthy, nutritious food that may have high points value but is good for my body.  And I will go back to thinking I can only have one donut or cinnamon bun every two weeks instead of everyday.

The Duchess of York is shady. I should have known.

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Carly said...

salmon sashimi all the way!!
I agree with all you have said Sarah- Weight Watchers may be good at teaching people some portion control but it doesn't mean that they are eating healthy food or even enough healthy energy rich food to balance exercise.