Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Last of NYC Food: Cheese

From dieting right back to food - I think I see my problem here . . .

Anyhoo, now that I am no longer a part-time resident of the city that never sleeps, I can no longer report on fabulous food from the Big Apple.  I can only share my memories of some great eats.

My last week there I piled on the calories like you wouldn't believe.  Eating food so good that it's a good thing we moved.

Murray's Cheese is the focus of this entry.  I knew about Murray's from the first day I arrived in New York.  It's pretty famous and therefore hard not to know about.

For those who don't know, Murray's Cheese is owned by Rob (not Murray - the original Murray died a very long time ago and is no relation to Rob) and is the Village's answer the speciality cheeses, meats, olives, pastas, oils . . . . pretty much anything that is delicious.   Just stepping inside to smell the cheese air will make your tastebuds dance with joy.

It's like my mother ship.

The store is stocked high with every type of cheese you can imagine.  I had sampled the cheese for two years.  But I never had the cheese on a sandwich.  Melted. Until this past August.

My friend and I were walking past the store when I noticed a couple eating what looked like the most incredible grilled cheese sandwich I had ever seen. I immediately stopped and asked very loudly "WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?".  With a full mouth and a look of ecstasy, the husband pointed over his shoulder to Murray's.

In we went.

The choice for a grilled cheese is endless but I opted for the original Murray's blend on white bread (don't lie to yourself, grilled cheese tastes best on white.  And at this point you may as well go whole hog.)

I knew it would be good.

I just didn't know it would be THIS good.  I drooled.  I actually drooled while eating my dripping, gooey, cheesy goodness that was a Murray Grilled Cheese. I went back to the man who made it, complimenting his chef/cheese skills and I was tempted to make out with him.  Or the cheese. It was a tough decision.

I am just glad I didn't know about Murray's grilled cheese until it was too late otherwise I would definitely have developped some strange grilled cheese habit that might see me hospitalized for clogged arteries or crazed cheese visions.

They also serve Murray's Melts which are to die for panini's.  It's all good.  It's all melted cheese.


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