Saturday, September 4, 2010

Destination Bride Part Seven

As you may recall, I spent the first few months of my engagement searching for the perfect venue abroad in which to get married.  I now believe I know some of the coolest places in the world to get married.  And of course, I have picked one.  Which I will reveal to you after sharing a few more of my favourite discoveries!

Destination #7:  Scotland

Scotland is a bride's fantasy world of romance and wild beauty.  I mean, hello?  Braveheart?  Men in skirts?  CASTLES ON ROCKS????  This was actually in the very top tier of my wedding choices but bad weather and the strong pound weren't in my favour.  I am one-half Scottish and have always dreamt of being piped in to my ceremony.  The castles and churning sea were also in the fantasy.  But I couldn't risk looking like a wet sheep on my wedding day.

I will always wonder if I had chosen Scotland if I could have gotten the Engineer in a kilt.

My first choice was Eilean Donan Castle in the Isle of Skye.

Then we could all gather at the cosy Eilean Iarmain and toast to our future alongside a roaring fire holding a glass of local scotch.  Except I would still want champagne.

In Scotland, you can even rent a castle or a country home that sleeps all of your family and friends.  Most of them were way out of our price range but we did have this affordable gem near St. Andrews, Birkhill Castle.  So close to the famous golf course that I believe my wedding would have enticed my mum's brothers and their families.

An amazing resource I found in my Highland wedding search was a blog from a Highland wedding planner called, oddly enough Highland Country Weddings.  They have loads of pictures brimming with Scot romance.

Don't think Scotland is romantic?  Then you haven't been to Edinburgh.  I don't know exactly what it is about this city that makes it so amazing, but it feels mysterious, romantic and magical all at the same time.

Perhaps it is the fact that there is a castle on a rock.

And you can always hear bagpipes somewhere in the distance (for the tourists I know but it really adds to the atmosphere).

And you can get married at the castle or at the terribly haunting and romantic hotel and restaurant, The Witchery.  All the rooms have been refit to appear as they would have done in the 16th/17th/18th Century with modern comforts.  

Ummm, sumptuous romance perfect for a wedding right?

Even as I write this I feel a wee pang of sadness that Scotland was not my destination of choice.  Only because it is so beautiful, wild and romantic.  I guess I'll just have to honeymoon there.

Or have a bagpipe at my wedding.

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Kathryn said...

Hi Sarah,

I found your blog a few months ago when I was researching all things "bridesmaids"... I thought it was really funny! And congrats on deciding where to have the wedding! Tuscany will be beautiful!

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