Saturday, September 4, 2010

Destination Bride Part Eight: A Barn

Okay, I realize A BARN, isn't exactly a wedding destination.  But it is where you find the barns that make this a great destination wedding idea.

#1.  Cripps Barn located in the Cotswold's of England.

When I was 19, I lived in Bath which sits on the edge of the Cotswold's.

I fell in love with the area.  Soft, rolling fields filled with dozy-eyed cows or lambs hopping amidst the daffodils.  Charming thatch-roofed cottages and cobblestone streets.  Amazing history from Stonehenge to Salisbury Cathedral.  It also happens to be the birthplace of cheddar cheese and cider.  Ummmm, YES.

And don't think I wouldn't have a Jane Austen themed wedding

2. Circa 1799 Barn in the Hudson Valley outside of NYC.

I just love this place for how quaint and simple it is.  I think any wedding here would be homemade and 100% love.  The Hudson Valley itself is beautiful - a wonderful escape from the chaos of New York.  So it's a perfect destination wedding if you want both city AND country.

3.  Figueroa Mountain Farmhouse in California

Not so much a barn, but more of a whole farm experience.  Figueroa is located near Los Olivos California (an hour from Santa Barbara) and is 150 Acres of uninterrupted beauty.  They don't provide any services themselves but they are super helpful and really nice.  And the freedom allows you to have any sort of wedding you want!

How gorgeous is this place??  I love the rustic glamour that these brides all use.  Imagine eating and drinking with nothing but the stars for your ceiling and wild grass as your dance floor.

#4 The Holly Farm in Carmel, California

Again, not exactly a barn, but definitely a farm.  I loved this place so much, we actually did have this booked (until we got the whopping $17 000 food quote!!!!)

It's as if I really were Alice in Wonderland getting married . . . .

Alas, none of these barns/farms are the site of my wedding.

But I think you'll approve of our choice.

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