Friday, July 2, 2010

Saying Yes To a Dress

I said yes to a dress!

And I said it at the place where every bride wants to say it:


Some people have not seen the program that I am referring to.  Apparently they live in caves. Or don't have cable.

Anyhoo, 'Say Yes to the Dress' is a program on TLC.  I can't embed it so you can get the link to see it HERE.

I first saw the show on one of TLC's marathons with my mum on Christmas Eve.  We got seriously addicted.  

So it's no wonder that when the Engineer popped the question, one of my first thoughts was "I can go to Kleinfelds to find a dress!!!!"  

I was in NYC for the Engineer's NYU graduation as was my future mother-in-law, sister-in-law/bridesmaid, and two of my bridesmaids. Perfect timing?  

Ummm, yes.

My mother-in-law and sister-in-law were super excited to go and it wasn't until afterwards that I discovered that they had no idea there was a show!  WOW - they were just excited to see me in wedding dresses!  Warm feeling inside.

Trying on dresses at Kleinfeld is exactly like the show.  In fact they were filming when we were there!  I was ushered into the room.  Okay, every room looks exactly the same but whatever, it was like I was on TV.  And just like on the show you sit in the room with the women you brought, tell your consultant what you want and she goes and gets the dresses.

The ladies in waiting were ushered to that grey couch you see on the show - behind the pedestal where I get to stand (like a princess.  It's the only time in one's life when one can stand on a pedestal.  Let me tell you:  I wish I could have a pedestal everyday).

Dress number one was similar to this number:

Personally, I love love love this dress.  It's glamourous, elegant and it has pockets.  The reaction on everyone was like, 'yes, it's nice' but not the crazy clapping fest I was hoping for.

Then came out dress number two.  Now, this is the dress that I have had in mind for ages.  It's basically the dress I was coming to try on.  On the hanger it didn't look like anything.

Then I put it on.  

And apparently I half danced and skipped to the pedestal - which was a sign to my friends that this might be the dress.  

The reaction?  All four girls, including my future mother-in-law went nutty.  Clapping, squealing and general excitement that really sealed the deal on this puppy.  

You'll have to wait until my wedding day to see what it looks like.  The Engineer reads my blog :)

So apparently this doesn't happen often.  A bride bringing in a photo of a dress and actually having it be the dress.

I tried to Skype my mum to show her.  But seeing as she is a 64-year old woman (who is very adept at internet things mind you) she couldn't figure out the right program to let Kleinfeld in.  Therefore, Joan - you know the manager who is on the show? - let me take a picture of the dress to show my mum!  EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Okay, the dress was meh on the hanger but amazing on and I was sure it was it.  But that's it?  Two dresses and I know?  Helllooooooo I am at Kleinfeld!  I had to be sure that was the right dress so tried on another one:

The girls thought it was pretty but I didn't prance out like a little girl at a candy shop.  

And that's when you know it's your dress right?  When you run around like a lunatic.  

So I tried it on again just to be sure.  And again.  

Yup, it's the one.

Here's the thing about wedding dresses:  odds are many dresses are going to look gorgeous. I still love dress #1.  I love another dress I tried on in Vancouver.  But the chosen one suits my wedding the best.  It suits the place and my theme and pretty much everything to do with my wedding.  

It's just too bad I can't get married every year (to the Engineer of course!) so I could wear them all!

Because saying yes to a dress is just so much fun. 

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Sandra O'Connell said...

My friend recently went to NYC to buy her wedding dress. She stopped in at Kleinfelds and has not stopped raving about it since.