Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Duck Confit

I must take a moment to stop and appreciate the most magnificent and wonderful dish on the planet:
Duck Confit.






Essentially it is tender meat cooked in its own fat for hours and then served up crisp and warm.  I just salivated thinking about it.

Since France, I have been craving duck confit like I used to crave bacon cheeseburgers.  What has the better calorie count?

So where in Vancouver can we get this delicious dish?

#1.  Les Faux Bourgeious
I love this little place in a random side street.  It gets crazy busy so you need to make resos!  Or show up and sit at the bar with your friend/lover/fiance/Engineer.  Sip wine, listen to the music, and eat crispy duck.  DUCK COOKED IN FAT!!

#2.  Pied a Terre Bistro
Well it's really a toss up here between the milk-fed veal medallions or the DUCK COOKED IN FAT!  Hmm, maybe both?

#3  Oyama Sausage
Okay, not a restaurant but one amazing meat store!  They sell duck confit for $4.99 a piece - so not bad? And they are all amazing staff their who laugh and give you as many sausage samples as you like - and will teach you to cook your confit!  In fact, every meat product is amazing here.  They treat their animals with love in the interior, and you can taste in.

Seriously, my stomach is growling.

So what about cooking duck confit at home? Well, if you don't have Oyama Sausage what can you do? Or if you are not in France and don't have shelves of duck fat what does one do?  Ummm, I'm actually not quite sure where to get the duck fat, but I do know these are amazing cookbooks that I love, have used and totally recommend!

I really love this book.  I actually read it for fun on a roadtrip.  Calder writes with such clarity and passion you want to pack up and move to Paris.

Barefoot in Paris?  I love her.  I love the book.  I especially love making cauliflower with a ton of cream and butter.  YUM.

  I was told about Joanna Harris's book while in that amazing bed and breakfast in Chinon.  This is the same author as 'Chocolat' and now she has two cookbooks!  If it's good enough for the Closerie in Chinon, it's good enough for me!

I love love love Chocolate and Zucchini!  It's a fun read and full of unique recipes.  Especially for the pastries and desserts.  Should I attempt croissants and duck confit?

Okay, time for bed.  For dreams of magical France and its even more magical DUCK COOKED IN FAT!

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