Monday, May 4, 2009

Bibimbop Me Home

New York is the city that never sleeps right?

Lies!  On Sunday nights people go home early and close their restaurants.

While enjoying the music at Carnegie Hall, my tummy growled and gurgled embarrassingly and my thoughts drifted to hot ramen soup at Ippudo . . . . 

So we hightailed it to Union Square only to find that our only regular haunt had closed 8 minutes earlier!  GAH!  I was in the hangry mood, the mood that mixes hunger and anger.  I wanted nothing more than my ramen damn it!!

But around the corner sat Sura, a Korean restaurant that was open until 11!  We clamoured inside, to find the most gracious hosts (I would not be so nice if two new diners came it 10 minute before closing).  The room is comfortable and cozy, with subtle Asian accouterments dangling from the walls and ceilings all melding together to be a comforting and classy place to grab some rice.

If you visit NYC and love Korean, I recommend this find.  I am not a Korean connoisseur at all, but I do know fresh and tasty food when I get it.  And even though I desperately wanted my bowl of ramen, the hot stone bowl of beef bibimbop did the trick.

It came fast and steaming with lean ground beef and brown rice, only 500 calories!  And full of green veggies!  Plus really lovely and flavourful.

The bar was well stocked with jars of home-infused soju:  traditional Korean alcohol infused with fruits and herbs.  They were a beautiful sight with all the colour of the fruit/herb of which was being infused.

I will go back any day for some comfort Korean and a shot of super nice service - which will be quickly opposed the minute you walk out the door and find some idiot urinating on the street yelling at cabs.  

All in a night in New York right?

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