Thursday, April 9, 2009

Brooklyn the Brave

Brooklyn is such a sweet, sweet idiot.

This is what he is afraid of:
plastic bags
bouncy balls
garbage cans

This is what he is not afraid of:
passed out homeless people in the park
drunk people
big dogs

And tonight I learned a new, non fear of his:  horses.  That's right.  My eight pound idiot dog, is not afraid of horses.  How do I know this?  Well, tonight after the hockey game let out I ran into an interesting crowd at the park.  There were some up-to-no-gooders under the cherry trees and then two policemen on horses watching them.  Although Brooklyn backed away from the garbage can we passed, when he caught sight of the horses (that were at least sixteen feet tall) he went crazy.  He broke away from his leash and approached them, dancing on his hind legs - the way he does when he wants to play with Mop.  Of course, I scooped him up and dragged him away.

He cried and shoved his bum down, trying to get back to his new friends.

The Engineer thinks it's amazing that Brooklyn (or any dog) can recognize another animal.  He wonders how they know.  He thinks that's amazing?  I personally think it's amazing that my dog can be afraid of a rustling bag or an umbrella, but give him a seven-foot tall Clydesdale with a hoof triple the size of his own body, and he thinks he has a friend.

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