Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tropical Vows

I have just returned from Cuba where I was bridesmaid #7 to a very good friend.  This was my first destination wedding and I must say:  It was AMAZING!!!!

Seven days in a tropical paradise with some of your greatest friends while meeting new friends and family, is pretty wicked.  I don't know if I would want to get married at a destination though.  It was awesome for us, who had the freedom to do as we wished and eat dinner with who ever we wanted.  I am not so sure I would want to be the bride or groom (well obviously not the groom, they don't get the dress).  

Not only are both sides of your family with you for an ENTIRE week in ONE resort, but you also have dozens of friends with you who ALL want to see you.  The pressure we put on this girl was beyond anything.  She doesn't live in Rainy City anymore, so of course the rain girls wanted her to play with us.  The Cowboy people wanted to see her (even though they can see her anytime!! Clearly this shows how cool she is), her family wanted to see her (they live in China, I understand the need), his family wanted to see her (they also live in Rainy City and LOVE her) - so this poor girl was unable to just BE.  Or maybe she was and it is me making this up.

Anyhoo, our trip to Cuba was fun times had by all.  Although it was stinking hot.  Here are my top five of the good and the bad:

Top Five things AGAINST having a tropical wedding:

1.  It is really really really hot, so all the groomsmen look like they have run through a high powered sprinkler.
2. It is really really really hot so that when the bridesmaids cry, their make-up runs and it looks like a stream running down their sweaty cheek (okay, this was me)
3.  It is really really really hot so that the bride is dying in her dress and her good girlfriends make her 'spread em' (don't worry, she was standing up) and fan her nether regions (I discovered this technique in Havana while sitting at a table, that fan works wonders)
4.  It is really really really hot so that when the men sit in their khakis and spread their legs and a bridesmaid happens to look down she notices a sweat mark where she has never seen one before
5.  It is really really really hot so that a bridesmaid falls asleep in a lounger by the beach while all her friends are still dancing

Top Five things FOR a Tropical wedding
1.  Ummm, the tropics
2.  Saying your vows on a beach with aqua blue water
3.  again, the tropics
4.  Having an excuse to walk down the aisle to Bob Marley
5.  Being so hot that it is okay to end the night in the pool and/or ocean

All in all, having all your best friends, family and family friends begging to spend time with you for a week, bonding with each other so much that when they get off the plane in Rainy City they are all sad to say good-bye, and having the time of your life in the tropics outweighs the ball sweat.  GO TROPICAL WEDDING!!!!

Congrats T & L!!

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Deathstar said...

They should have had the good sense have shade and wear appropriate attire. Or you could have done what we did and that was don't invite anyone and you don't have to worry about pleasing anybody but each other!