Tuesday, July 8, 2008

British Boobs

Where do we get our boobs from?  I got my eyes from my mum.  My hair from my mum.  My skin from my mum.  My hips from my mum.  My boobs from my ?

I just watched an episode of 'How to Look Good Naked' - that British show that makes women feel good in their own skin - and learned a fun fact:  British women have the biggest boobs in Europe.  

Ummm, I disagree.  Well, actually I don't.  British women do have the biggest boobs I have ever seen.  

Why do I bring up the British?  Because I am 100% Rule Britannia, Anglo-Saxon, white-skinned, bad teethed (I had braces though), tea loving British.  My mum was born there, as was her mum, and her mum.  My father's family hails from Scotland, like northern, have never seen the sun, Orkney Islands Scotland.  I have a British passport.  But what don't I have?  That's right!  Big boobs.  

I have teeny tiny, albeit perky, A-cups.  So if British women have the biggest breasts in Europe, then something happened on the boat over here.

Both my grandmothers had incredibly large breasts.  I mean BIG.  Long after my maternal grandmother's death, my cousins and I were perusing photographs of her together.  After one or two shots we all paused.  I said, "Okay, who's going to say it?"  My older cousin said, "Grandma had huge knockers".  That's right, huge.

The British side that still lives in England are big breasted - maybe it's in the water?

But me?  nothing.  So where do we get our breast size from?  What gene?  Where did I inherit them from?

I haven't outgrown my bras that I first got at 13.  For a long time I was upset about this; and even am a bit sensitive today.  But watching the end of this naked show where they are showing lots of older women's boobs, I am sort of happy mine are always going to stay in the same spot.

Rule Canada via Brittania!  It makes everything smaller.  Except my thighs.  Now that is unfair.

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Sheena said...

Hi Sara! I just found your blog through Face book and I have been enjoying reading it. You are a fun and funny writer. Good job! Hope to see you up here in Montreal some day for a little reunion with Meriya. Bye!-Sheena