Friday, February 15, 2008

V-day a year later

It has been a year since I wrote the previous article which may touch the hearts of some newly-not-single-girls but I for one am singing a different tune.

I was excited for Valentine’s Day last year because I finally had a boyfriend with whom to share it with. Ummmm, then we actually celebrated Valentine’s Day. What the heck? It’s the same day as all the rest!

Maybe I’m a really lucky girl. Maybe the Engineer is just so swell that we have fantastic dates all the time and don’t need a day of the year to shower our love on one another. Now that I am a not-so-newly-not-single-girl I stand by my original statement (made when I was single) that Valentine’s Day really is a stupid materialistic day made up by Hallmark. Unfortunately, you have to be not single to actually believe it.

Don’t get me wrong: I am completely using it as an excuse to get the Engineer to take me to my favorite Italian restaurant and drink gobs of wine. I will also use it as an excuse to eat chocolate covered marshmallows. And I can’t tell a lie; I did get a cheesy gift for the Engineer involving photos and reasons why I love him. But it stops there.

You can’t force a feeling on a certain day. Take last year. The night before Valentine’s, the Engineer and I went for surprise tapas (the dinner out being spontaneous not the actual tapas being surprising) and canoodled mushily in the corner. We kissed and held hands and gazed wonderingly in each other’s eyes. Ick. Then Valentine’s Day rolls around, I go all out and make this crazy elaborate dinner but feel too sick to eat it. The Engineer is tired from work. The canoodle factor was just not there.

So to the girls who are single and hate Valentine’s Day – take if from a proud ex-singleton: it really is just a stupid holiday. Go get a box of chocolate, a bottle of wine and watch The Tudors or Rome. Either of those is better than any date ☺

Oh and by the way, this year I would actually like to join my good girl friends for a ‘boyfriends are out of town’ Valentine’s dinner but it hurt the Engineer’s feelings.

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