Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Tale of a Deranged non-bride planner

This blog should not be called 'The Bridesmaid Diaries' but the 'Diaries of a Deranged non-Bride' as I have become this alter-ego version of myself I have mentioned before that I really like to visualize things in my future, including my non-existent wedding, and how I couldn't decide between a barn wedding or a Paris theme wedding (or so I think - see? I've already forgotten!).

The Engineer and I are getting close to our nuptials. Well sort of. The Engineer is going to be going back for his MBA and move away from this rainy city. If he wants me to go (which he does) I may or may not have given him an ultimatum. Not a terribly mean ultimatum but a fair one: I will most certainly consider dropping my career in rainy city and galavant with him across the globe IF there is a sizable commitment from him in the form of a Tiffany's Legacy collection pink sapphire ring, or something like it.

The Engineer is fine with this all but the problem has become ME. The Engineer likes to make decisions on his own sweet time (and let me tell you, sometimes deciding between sushi or thai can take upwards of six hours). So a decision that is slightly bigger, let's say getting married for example, will take him a fair whack of time. And if I don't bug him he will come to the conclusion I want sooner than later. Unfortunately for me I am like a chinese water torture device - or so my mother tells me. I just can't drop something once I want it. I'll mention anything from cupcakes to a good book to a wedding in Disneyworld everyday about 12 times a day. It is a terrible terrible habit.

So I have tried NOT to talk to the Engineer about the 'M' word even though he is getting into all these schools and we have to choose between two major cities. And so far I am failing miserable.

We had an argument the other day about what 'elopement' means to the both of us (he is cool with eloping in our city, whereas I think eloping must be somewhere magical and exotic, not the city hall). Then we argued about who to invite (I say no to most family, mostly HIS family because there are so many of them). Then we argued about how many bridesmaids I could have (seeing as I have done it several times my number is quite high).

Behind his back I have been secretly planning several types of weddings so I can just book the day when he pops the question. And I may have asked some girls to be my bridesmaid already. And I may have discussed the locale and money with my mother already. Sheesh, even I would run for the hills if I was dating me. I am now on the elopement wagon - in either Italy or Greece. But as the Engineer points out: without a big wedding there will be no gifts and we are both owed BIG time. Ummm, not to sound greedy or anything. Whoops.

Okay, now to find that perfect pink wedding dress . . . . .

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