Friday, February 1, 2008

The Return

I have been terribly terribly naughty in my whole 'write more blog entries' resolution. GAH! I was on holidays - and being on a cruise I was far away from internet and my brain was full of martini goodness - but that was only a week. And then I was in the world of Los Angeles which deserves an entire blog of its own (I am pretty sure there are several). But enough about that. I am back now.

The reason I was on a cruise to Mexico was . . . . . are you ready for it? Can you guess what I could possibly have been doing? Can you? Can you? That's right! A wedding! This time I was not a bridesmaid but merely a pleb attendee. And they weren't even my friends - it was the Engineer's friend's wedding.

I have to admit that the destination wedding is my new favorite du jour. I had an excuse to leave rainy Vancouver for nearly three weeks of sun and warmth and go on my very first real vacation with the Engineer. My first vacation with a boyfriend, ever. And being at a destination for a wedding takes the boring out of what is usually a cookie-cutter format. This time there was sand, sun and adorable parasols the bride thoughtfully provided for the melting guests. We watched the sun set behind the waves and palm trees. We ate and drank under a tropical sky. And I said that if the Dj played 'Hot Hot Hot' that I would jump in the pool. So I asked him to play 'Hot Hot Hot'.

I am all over the destination wedding. Even though there was the same format of: ceremony, photos, cocktails, dinner, speeches, cake, first dance, and garter/bouquet toss, this one included private fireworks (hello! I nearly freaked out. Oh wait. I did) and a tropical oasis. So even though the cookie-cutter format was in place we were happily distracted with endless pina coladas and a mariachi band.

To to that end, I am back and Ole about weddings again!

Oh, and by the way, I was asked to be a bridesmaid for the eighth time this week. For an old old friend who also happens to be east Indian. I get to wear a saree AND show off my Bollywood moves. Watch out for fun times!

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