Friday, January 14, 2011

January Blues

Winter is super awesome with it's magical white wonderland feel and glistening frost on trees.
Until December 25th at the stroke of midnight.

Then it's just an asshole.

I was supposed to be in Rainy City until this upcoming Monday.  As I write this it's 12 degrees Celsius (for my American readers I have no idea what that is in your weird temperature) and sunny.  In Toronto, it's -a bazillion with two feet of snow.

I think I'll wait a few more weeks.

This past week, it snowed in EVERY Canadian province.  In the other provinces, it remains on the ground and people are hiding indoors due to the sub zero temperatures and bone-chilling wind chill factors.  Vancouver's snow lasted the night and people returned to doing yoga on the seawall.


Not that Vancouver is an angel in January.  More often than not, the rain is pouring and 'daylight' hours are a joke due to the fact that the sun is blocked by a wall of grey rain clouds.

Which brings me to the point that January sucks.

Winter is charming when you get to sing Christmas Carols and forget your winter woes with cups of mulled wine and endless parties.  Winter is NOT charming when you have super cool presents from Santa that have to be stored until the summer because your parents say no nerf gun battles indoors.  It's not charming when you have to work off the excess weight gained from merry-making mulled wine and cheese but it's minus 20 outside so how do you even get to the gym?

And a rainy winter is most definitely not charming when Christmas lights no longer glitter happily through the raindrops and your city is left in the dark. 

Therefore I have made it my mission to add a new element of charm to January and give it some positive notes so that I start looking forward to this dreaded month (remember last year and it was before the Olympics and we didn't even notice January? Yeah, that was awesome.)

First off:  January carols.  We need some sort of music to lift our spirits right?  I have made January my 'Get to know Classical music better' month.  It started with a friend giving me tickets to the VSO for some Beethoven.  This has since inspired me to go to the Opera, take in a play, and listen to a new composer everyday.  My fire is turned on, the dogs asleep on the floor, a glass of Syrah in my hand and some Mozart on the iPod - it does add a nice, cozy element to this month.

Secondly:  Boozy brunches.  If every weekend, you make a pact with your friends to meet for eggs benny and endless Kir Royales then January suddenly becomes a blur of Champagne, eggy goodness!  Plus it is a reward for your hard work of eating only salad and turkey bacon all week.

Third:  Video Games!  I got a Nintendo DS for Christmas.  It was as exciting as the time I got Nintendo and didn't ask for it when I was ten.  My favorite game is still Mario and I can sadly get lost in his little Italian killing ways for a multitude of hours.  Therefore, if I say January is video game month and allow myself to enjoy some Mario Bros action in this dreary time then suddenly one looks forward to January.  Here we go!

Fourth:  Plan a wedding.  I realize this is not an option for all, but I only have six months to go until 'I Do' and I literally have to plan a whole bunch of crap.  Christmas was too busy but not there is NOTHING to do but plan a wedding.  Therefore, from the doldrums of grey rain I have made myself happy with the colour palette of Perriwinkle, Seafoam, and Butter Yellow with touches of peony.  It is a very good distraction from the fact I would rather be depressed right now.

Five:  Movie mayhem.  With the Golden Globes and Oscars around the corner, it's time to let yourself get lost in the dark and eat popcorn guilt free. I say guilt-free because as a Vancouverite, I have now been conditioned to NOT watch movies during the months when it is possibly sunny and warm.  Therefore, I can now look forward to January because it is movie month. 

There are other ideas like start a hobby (in my case wedding craft central - too bad I suck at crafts), or read a series - like 'The Hungry Games' or go to your wine store and start a
'wine of the day' club (you only need one member) and start boning up on your cork dorkness so that you can show it off to your friends come summer BBQ time or next Christmas.

Therefore, readers and friends, I urge you to NOT hibernate at this time but embrace the dreariness that is the next few months of winter and give it a new life!!

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