Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tojo Is Too Good

As a concept, sushi seems like the most disgusting thing in the world.

Raw fish.  Fish eggs on top of raw fish.  All wrapped in seaweed?  

Really.  I feel this is the most unappetizing sounding food EVER.

And yet, it's oh so tasty.

If you are a Vancouverite, you can hardly walk down a street without at least one sushi restaurant (or Starbucks).  We grab sushi on the go, eat all we can eat for $20, or, if we are really lucky, go to Tojo's.

Lucky because this stuff ain't cheap.

Now I know why.

My friend and I participated in an Edible BC Tojo party.  Have I told you how much I love Edible BC?  I just love the passion Eric Pateman has for local ingredients, chefs, and people in general.  He is perhaps one of the most lovely owner of a business I have ever met.  He's built a successful company by being . . . . nice.  Wow, what a concept.

Anyhoo, this evening was to raise money for the YWCA (who give hot meals to women and children in the east side) and I'll drink sake to that!

The party was held at the back of Granville Island - right on the water, under the Granville Bridge while the sunset of Vancouver's glass making the city turn that glowing amber I love so much. Times like this night make me really love Vancouver.  

We were greeted and shown to the all-you-could drink wine, or sake or beer or  gin martinis.  ALL of which are locally made!  Who knew they made sake on Granville Island??

The toast of the evening however, was Tojo.  

First of all, he is adorable.  He's a Japanese hobbit.  I think he maybe stands at 4'9'' and is so cheerful and happy.  He's also hilarious.  I held out my plate to gather some of his sushi and he piled it himself claiming:  'eat this, you like this, more of this, eat eat'.  

Eat we did.




It has possibly ruined the $20 all-you-can eat sushi for life.   

I haven't had sushi melt in my mouth like this since Sapporo and my authentic Japanese sushi that I suspect costed more than a month's rent (and holy crap it was good - except for the blowfish balls but that is another story).

The sushi was wrapped in tofu skin which I LOVED.  The roe was HUGE - pearl size - and it popped in my mouth.  Which sounds a bit gross but it was INCREDIBLE.

His spicy tuna roll?  I  . . . . don't . . . . even . . . . . have words.  It was just so . . . . .

Like really really good.

The whole evening was good.

A good friend, peaceful ambient music, food lovers, interesting people, the sun setting on glass city, tasty delicious food = happiness.

Just when I am bored on Vancouver I uncover a slice of loveliness.

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