Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Speaking of Art

I was at the MET the other day.  And last week.  And the week before that.

I am so in love with the MET.  If it were a person, the Engineer would have some pretty stiff competition. Luckily, it's just a really big building housing some of the world's greatest art, sculpture, artifacts, furniture . . . . the list literally goes on.

The only thing I am not so into at the MET are the mummies. I am not kidding, looking at mummies makes me sick.  I literally get nauseous.  It sort of makes sense.  They are, after all, decomposed bodies.

I also get the chills in the armoury.  Those men on the horses are so amazing.  Amazingly real that is.  Creepy crawlies thinking of being in a war with those things coming at you.

Anyhoo, the MET makes me really happy inside.  I decided just to check out my Impressionist friends.  I found it so inspiring - I plugged in my iPod, selected some classical music and really let myself get lost in the brushstrokes of genius.

I was also inspired watching people.  There was a little girl with her grandma and mum.  She wanted to see a Van Gogh closer.  It made me want to cry.  She is barely in school and recognized beauty.

There was another mother there with her sleeping toddler and daughter of about ten or eleven.  I may or may not have stalked them to get this fuzzy photo.  I am such a creep.  But I loved them!  The daughter would find a painting she liked then her mum would ask her questions.  What do you like?  How do you think he painted it?  What do you think it means?

HELLO?  AMAZING!!!!!  Asking questions like those to a child makes them aware of culture and the world on so many levels.  She may grow up to be a lawyer who loves art.  She's a killer in the courtroom because she asks the tough questions.  Then she uses her big pay cheque to support an artist on the Lower East Side.  Or maybe she is the next Georgia O'Keefe.

That is what makes art galleries exciting!

I also loved this duo.  A tattoo-covered biker dude with a shirt that says 'Up Yours' - who knew he had a thing for Serat?  His buddy flitted around the rooms (literally) practically jumping for joy when he could explain art to his friend.  It was pretty awesome/cute.

Then I happened upon 'American Woman'.




I  . . . don't . . .  have the words.

The MET has this temporary exhibit from the Brooklyn Museum and they have done an amazing job.  They take you from the Heiress and her star-embroidered, tiny waistline gowns through to suffragettes to glamorous 30's film stars.

I took some illegal photos but there is a great resource on the MET website as well as a fabulous video.

This was such a magical display I returned twice!  I loved watching the Suffragettes walk down New York streets on the amazing video the MET has.  I loved picking my favourite flapper dress.  The display was truly stunning.

Walking out of the museum I had an extra bounce to my step!  Well, how could one not after seeing amazing art and then stepping into Central Park?  The world looks like a bright and wonderful canvas after a day at the MET.

Just don't bring pickles from the LES like I did. The only reason the security guard let me keep them was because she knew the value of a Pickle Guy pickle.

Only in New York

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