Friday, August 15, 2008

The Shower Curtain

The Engineer and I are moving in with each other on a semi-permanent basis.  He has moved to the Big Apple and I have remained in the Rainy City.  The plan is for me to go every other month, for a month; hence the 'semi-permanent' basis.

With moving in comes a whole new set of relationship discoveries:  who does more laundry, how long does the other tolerate dirty dishes in the sink, who has better decorating taste, etc.

I actually have no idea how the Engineer decorates - as his own home here was shared and not really decorated in any particular style.  I myself am only really discovering my decorating taste - but I know what I like and what I hate.

So came up our first 'semi-permanent-moving-in-together-decorating' fight.  And it wasn't even a fight.  It was more of a "I hate that, take it back and I'll pick one out" discussion over our shower curtain.  The Engineer came home with a  - oh god - world atlas printed shower curtain. Ugh.

I am sure no man would understand this, especially not my Engineer, but three girlfriends who have heard this story have groaned audibly when they hear the words 'world atlas shower curtain'.  I think the problem is this:  shower curtains with world atlases, dancing pigs, and flamingos all belong in the home of a student.  Yes, the Engineer is a student but a grad student.  Shower curtains are meant to be calming and make a bathroom a sanctuary of peace - not a study item.

Bless his heart though, I love him for making himself at home, I just have to help him a bit.  So apparently he didn't like me flat out telling him I hated it.  Apparently this whole compromise thing means we have to agree on things.  I wish he would just compromise that I have better taste.  Alas, that will not work as he is as stubborn as I.  He said that he both have to like something.  Well, I didn't like the Atlas - so it went back.

Instead, I found a shower curtain on CLEARANCE from Pottery Barn (see?  at least I am going for clearance).  I liked the pattern, somewhat busy but nice, and let the Engineer pick the colour.  He chose blue.  I would have gone with grey but whatever - I compromised, he compromised.  That's how a relationship works right?

I am going to try my best to be less anal, but he has to give me the space to create a nice home.  Just because we are only there for two years does not mean we have to live in a hovel - especially when I work from it.  A home is your safe place, your heart, your comfort zone.  It has to be pretty!

Sheesh, if that was the fuss over the shower curtain, I fear the day we pick the dishes . . . . 

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