Friday, August 22, 2008

I can't watch! I can't watch!

The Olympics are definitely a new obsession.  I haven't been this obsessed since 1992's Norway Olympics and I have never been into the summer ones.

Oh God, the stress the stress!  I have stayed up three nights in a row (Beijing is a bazillion hours ahead of Rainy City) to catch my favorite, Adam Van Koerverden in the kayak.  I could barely watch as he started to race and then hid behind a pillow as I saw him fall back.  This is the guy expected to win the Gold and he came in 8th in the 1000m.  Poor Adam.

The worst thing about Olympics is watching dreams shatter.  The camera followed him and you could see his dissapointment as he held his head in his hands.  The worst part though, was that he had to be interviewed RIGHT AFTER THE RACE!  GAH!  He has won every single race to get to the final so he was supposed to win this one, all the reporters were ready.  But instead of a celebration he looked like he was about to cry and apologized to us.  APOLOGIZED!  I just wanted to take that big, muscular body in my arms and tell him that he has nothing to apologize for.  And possibly cop a feel of his biceps.

This is why I hate watching sports - you get invested, stress out and then hide behind a pillow.  The Olympics are amazing when you see the win and the smile, they are horrific when you see the pain and anguish.  No wonder the world is tuned in.

The pressure these people are under is incredible.  To apologize for letting his country down?  NO!  And for heaven sakes, he's from Canada.  Clearly we are still going to love him and all our athletes, we're nice.  Unlike other nations that practically abuse their athletes from a young age.  Not mentioning any names . . . . China

Wow, times have changed.  In 1992, when Kurt Browning fell and lost his gold, my mum and I sent him a TELEGRAM.  Telegram!  All we have to do now is sign Adam's wall online to let him know how hot he is . . .  whoops, I mean how good at sports he is.

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