Friday, April 23, 2010

How to Stock a French Fridge

I recently opened our fridge (as one does) and realized how amazingly French it looked (as it should in France).

What does it look like?

Like this:

 - Five bottles of wine ranging from a Blanquette (apparently the forefather of Champagne), to a white to two roses.

- A row of cheese. Creamy, runny, soft, smelly cheese.   and butter

- Twelve containers of Activia (so that one can process all the wine and cheese).  

In French grocery stores, the Engineer and I have been pleasantly surprised to find the largest selection of Activia we have ever seen.  They have so many flavours here that discovering what new Activia flavours exist has replaced our interest in what different things McDonald's has (a hamburger with dijon mustard and a sundae with pear).

All the Activia has different price points as well.  This baffles us.  Is one flavour more expensive than another?  Apparently.  There is lemon, cherry, fig, prune, pear, cereal, blackberry, watermelon, peach - the list goes on.

Clearly it's not just the Engineer and myself who need help with digestion.  When your nation is built on a diet of cheese, wine and fatty saucisson what else would you expect but the largest variety of poop yogurt?

My stomach has been holding up very well considering how ill I was in Italy.  I have been eating cheese for a week.  I think my butt is now made of cheese.  

We are in the lovliest little house which has made it practically impossible to leave.  So we eat here.  In our teeny little patio.

Which is super considering I need to do my cheese dance in private.

I know you can't tell - but I am dancing.

So on top of the fact my butt is starting to resemble brie, my arms are becoming croissants.

Every morning I walk through the quiet stone streets of Caunes de Minevois, saying 'Bonjour!' to those that I pass, and make my way to our favourite boulangerie.  This is where I discovered that there is 'plain croissant' and 'croissant beurre'.  Isn't a croissant already butter?  So is this croissant extra butter?

Whatever it is, it is delicious.  As is her pain au chocolate, almond croissant, baguettes, and the other myriad of bread I choose each morning.

I know that French Women don't get fat, but us Canucks do.  I have been doing my little regime with my bands in the morning. Much to the amusement of the French women who don't get fat.  'Hoh hoh hoh - silly Canadienne fille with her cellulite - too bad she iz not Francais - hoh hoh hoh'

Excuse me. Cassoulet is calling

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